Nice eyes!

Hello lovelies, 

this is my first post in english! So, please don't be too hard with me. I'm from germany and my english is really bad! :D
But I want to try it, and here it is. 

The first post in english!

The last days, I thought pretty much about my style... 
I don't know, what kind of stlye I really have.
Am I the rocker-girl or the beauty queen? 
Maybe the 'nerd'? Or maybe no one? 
I don't know. 

But I think it's time to change something right now!
That's a reason why I created this blog, too. ;)

And I came to a decision:

I'll test something new!
 The next saturday my friends and I will go to 'Bremerhaven', a city not far away from bremervoerde, my hometown. It costs about 7,20€ here in Germany to drive with a train up there. Yes, pretty much, but there so many stores like 'douglas' (a perfumary with parfum and make up) and 'New Yorker' and soooo many another stores where you can buy clothes and Make up and another things for your style, so we MUST drive thereway!
once every month!

Okay, one time when I was there in douglas, I bought something new. 
Take a look:

This is an 'eyeshadow-base' (Artdeco, 6,80€; 9,84 dollar)

And THIS is the eyeshadow! I love the colors. Mostly the white-one! It's white like snow, when you put it on your eye on your eyeshadow-base.

On the top: with eyeshadowbase

At the bottom: Without eyeshadowbase

I really recommend the both things, the eyeshadow-base and the Blue Eyeshadow. 

I've tested both and here's the result:

I REALLY like the result!

My eyes really stand out there and get a greater effect.

You can get a greater effect if you take your eyeliner and draw the line under your undereyelashes and IN your eyes, under the eyelashes at the top.
And draw the line all around your eye, I love to do that with my eyes, maybe you'll like it, too! ;)

For my eyelashes I use/d a mascara from Maybelline:

Maybelline Jade Mascara 'Perfect'; 3,45€/ 4,99 dollar

Really love the mascara.♥ Never wanna be without it! :D

I did my eyelasches one time, and later a second time to get my lashes high as I can!  
All without fake-lashes. 

Pretty good, I think!

Well, I hope you like too read my posts and you're not too angry with my bad, bad english.

Good bye, lovelies!

A thunderstorm! 
At 15:51 o'clock in germany, a thunderstorm visted us. In reality, I like thunderstorms, but not in the summer!
What a pity.

Okay, I hope you'll have a nice afternoon, night, evening, day... whatever! ♥ 


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