Hello lovelies, 

I'm so sorry that I didn't post something, but I was in holland on a ship for 1 week!

It wasn't so good as I thought... 

Because the weather was the badest we could get in this time. 
it was so windy (always wind speed 7-10) and I had to puke 5 times one day! ...
But when I was in a port, I could shop and look at the culture in holland.

The result: It wasn't sooo bad, but bad for my friend!

She lost her mobile in the north-sea...
she got in hyperventilating because it was her one and all! :(

Here are some pictures of the ship and one city:

the deck
the water - I love this foto, you can see in the background
a little ship :)
one time our ship standed so oblique that we could touch the water!! :o 
This is the ship! 
this is the port...
our captain! 
The boys at the ship played with a ball …
And how one could think so, they kicked the ball in the water!
So one boy took his white surfboard and jumped into the water to get the ball back ;)

And he got it! :D
This is our room where we ate and sat together!
this is one floor of two. They're many rooms at the ship with two-bed-rooms and four-bed-rooms.
I've got one four-bed-room... but it was so small that we couldn't sit on the bed or to be together in the room!  
the kitchen...
my bed... smal!!
A sailing
and a duck! ;D
a net where you can lying!
an open sailing of three...

and one port-city of five! 
I think I would do it again... 
But in the summer, not in september to october! :/

I hope you had a nice week!

In love,

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