New hair gel

Well lovelies,

I gave the promise to talk about my new gel for my hair:

It is orange and has 200ml. 
I baught it from a hairstyler and I must say: 


You just need to put a little bit of the gel in your wet hair, just a LITTLE bit! to have a very good result.

After putting this in your hair, blow your hair and style it with a curling iron or a hair-straighter how you normally do it.

The promise of the gel: 
It should hold for 24 hours, so your hair-styling should hold after sleeping, too!
I tried it and it has worked.
And not only that, it is a hair-protection, too! 

So the result: You don't have to wash your hair every day and your style holds in your sleep, too! ;)

12,50€ (17,70$)

I hope you had a nice day!



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