Nail enamels

hello lovelies,

 I wanna show you today 3 nail enamels
While I'm writing this, I'm listening to 'beyoncé - best thing I never had'. Oh yes, it's a great song. She's so beautiful and so untouchable! She's one of the best singer I've ever seen! :)

Soo.. what want I talk about?
Oh yes! The nail enamels!

Here are my favorite 3:

I'll show you the red one:

What do you think? Ohhh I LOOOVE it!
The red one is so red... Oh what? Yes? It is? 


Okay! Tell me what do YOU think! 
Looking good? 

I don't know! :)

Looking bad?

Write it in a comment!

I bought the 3 nail enamels in the perfumary douglas.
I love douglas! It's a so good quality. 
I bought there not only the nail enamels...
I'll show you something more, later!

The nail enamel costs about 1.95€! NOT expensive for THIS quality! 
Well ...
 I did not great on my nails... 

But when you do it, you can try it better than me and you'll think: 
What a great nail enamel! 
Because it holds about 1 week and maybe more.
Well after 4,5 days, it will wear off a little bit, but it's even the best nail enamel I've seen. 

Of cause the blue one, too! 
AND the transparent one!
You can get with the transparent one a great brilliance on your nails - and it will hold over 1 week! 

I promise! :)

So I hope you had a great day!


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