Let's go shopping...

Hello lovelies!

I'm back from my shoppingday and I've got some new, cool things! 
No clothes (although I walked through ALL the shops...), but sooo many other stuff! :D
- Again in the perfumary: Douglas
- In Orsay
- In Pimpkie
- in bijou brigitte! 


A new flat iron in Saturn! 

for my new hair-cut :)
I've got a very little pony all over my face.
That's the reason why I bought a small one (from a good label: Remington; 19.95€ / 28.64$)

I love the style! :D

look at the cable and at the flat iron... You see? It's really really small! 

Here are my other things:

New cool glasses :D

A new eyeshadow

three new nail enamels:


makeup-brush for the eyeshadow:

eyelash /eyebrow - brush:

a brush for my lips:

A new lipstick (it's orange, you can't see it here very good)

And new earrings:

I love to shop with my friends and to go to every shop we can find...
So lets keep one's eyes open and find more and more other stuff! :D

I hope you had a GREAT day!
Because it was so WUNDERFUL and WARM! :)


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